Our current Costa Rica/Panama projects are centered around the Rio Teribe at the Costa Rica/Panama border, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and eco-tourism development with indigenous Tjër Di Naso and Ngöbe-Buglé peoples:

  1. Watershed Watch Expeditions
  2. Documentary Film Project 

Summaries of these programs follow...

Watershed Watch Expeditions

Experience sustainable living with a culture that has done it for countless generations.

We have developed curricula with ODESEN, the Organization for the Development of Ecotourism for the Naso. The Naso Kingdom is located in an International Park and Biosphere Reserve, "La Amistad" where one million acres of rainforest are shared by Costa Rica and Panama.

We have both short and long Watershed Expedition Programs.

Supplies and kayaks are delivered to Palenque
by Indigenous Naso long boats

The short program (10 days) involves three days hiking into the watershed, three days paddling the Rio Teribe, three days of structured explorations focused on watershed ecology and environmental issues, and one day sailing out of the watershed to a Caribbean island. On the island, graduation includes a visit to two tropical research stations to understand how everything that happens upriver affects the marine environment. In all, 10 intensive, educational and fun-filled days focused on watershed ecology and environmental education... in paradise.

Your guides were river men from birth

For more info about Watershed Watch Expeditions, visit our blog. (March 2011 Watershed Expedition School).

For schedules, pricing, and information, contact Steve@BigRiverFoundation.org

ODESEN leader Edwin Sanchez

The conservation of rivers and watersheds is the predominate issue facing humanity as mankind struggles to develop a culture which might enable, rather than extinguish, future generations.

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Documentary Film Project

Tips on How to Choose an Apartment in Spain

When you make a decision to go to Spain, the main question immediately arises – where  to live there? In this article, we will try to tell you what points you need to pay attention to and what aspects should be considered when choosing a house in Spain.

Where to Rent a House: Which area of ​​Spain to Give Preference?


Depending on why you are going to rent property in Spain, you can consider different options for houses. For permanent residence and if you plan to find work in Spain, it is better to choose large cities where it will be easier to get a job “out of season”. It also makes sense to consider options in the central part of Spain, and not on the coast, where the entire economy is built primarily on tourism.

If you rent a house to stay during your vacation, you need to go to the coast. Consider great villa options James villa holidays and you are likely to find a beautiful villa at an affordable price. But you need to take into account that at different parts of the coast the climate and nature are different. Therefore, you must rely on your preferences. For example, on the Costa del Sol, even in summer the sea remains quite cold, 19-21 degrees, which is not very suitable for swimming. Especially, if you plan to come with children.

The Catalan coasts - Costa Dorada, Costa Brava - have a mild climate in the summer, but at the same time, the warm season lasts there less, and winters are cold and rainy, sometimes even with snow. It’s the best option for holidays and living in the Costa Blanca. You can rent a house here quite profitably, in addition, you can find areas with natural surroundings to your taste. In the northern part of the Costa Blanca, from Altea to Denia, there are many mountains, rocks and greenery.

The landscapes there are fascinating! But at the same time, given the rocky terrain, you need to visit the beaches in the selected area - not everywhere they are sandy, there are mixed and pebbled ones, which not everyone likes either. In the south of the Costa Blanca, the beaches are sandy, but the area is more arid and deserted, although this is offset by the green areas that are found in all local urbanizations.

The Location of the House: Which House in Spain Will Be More Comfortable

In what place of the city or village your home will be located depends exactly on your preferences. Remember that in houses in the central part of the city on the first line of the beach, you cannot get a quiet, secluded life. It will always be more noisy, and during the tourist season it will be very crowded.

If you do not like the noise and crowds of people on the beach - the first line of the beach in big cities is not for you. Much calmer will be the life a little further from the sea. On the other hand, do not forget about the infrastructure - of course, you can find shops, restaurants, and bars in any coastal village. But large shopping centers, as well as hospitals, schools, banks and other institutions will be closer in cities. Therefore, cities for longer stays are more suitable.

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