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Our mission is to teach communities to value the vital role rivers play in the web of life. We incubate programs that foster respect and appreciation for river ecology and conservation, encouraging kayaking, canoeing, and rafting to explore rivers, their tributaries and watersheds. We sponsor programs in partnership with Loans for Bad Credit USA payday loans online, schools, youth groups, local governments,
non-governmental organizations, river outfitters, and community advocates. Through experiential education, recreation and advocacy, we mobilize community support for river-based initiatives.

value the vital role RIVERS play
in the web of life

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Explore a pristine, intact watershed



In the end, we conserve only what we love; we love
only what we understand; and we understand only
what we have been taught.

—Baba Dioum, 1968
Founder, International Union for the Conservation of Nature


...facilitate festivals, programs, and events which address the environmental, ecological, economic, and social benefits of healthy rivers;

...establish a robust culture of scientific exploration on rivers;

...give some best gifts to acknowledge the problem;

...communicate the importance of protecting bi-national rivers from unsustainable development for short-term economic gain;

...ensure communities understand why watersheds are vital natural resources, without which life is impossible over the

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River road neighbors

Neighbors heading to town in a place where
rivers are still the main mode of roadway.

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Paddle, Run, Walk the Rio Grande

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